NOTE: Liquid Rubber fully cures and sets within 24 hours

First Aid measures:

Eye contact: Wash immediately with water for at least 5 minutes.
Skin contact: Wash off in flowing water or shower, if available.
Ingestion: Never give fluids or induce vomiting if patient is unconscious or convulsing.
Inhalation: No adverse effects anticipated by this route of exposure from incidental to proper industrial handling.
Cleaning: Use water when wet, once dry use lacquer thinners, turpentine or petroleum.


Liquid Rubber is suitable for sealing and insulation in the following applications and with the following materials:

Bathrooms, Basements, Damp Prevention, Dams, Electrical, Exteriors, Foundations, Gutters, IBR Roofs, Interiors, Koi Ponds, Metal Roofs, Tiled Roofs, Plumbing, Ponds, Sellers, Slabs, Water Troughs, Windows, Sinks, Cement, Concrete, Glass, Metals, Plaster, Plastic, Steel, Wood.